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Quality Shipping Services in Elk Grove Village, IL

Show Crates and Road Cases

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Custom Crate for Shipping Solutions, Bensenville, IL

Please call (630) 787-2620 to discuss your Trade Show Requirements.

Enhance your tradeshow with our quality shipping services in Elk Grove Village, IL. When you’re looking to market your products in aesthetically pleasing crates that will last for years, you can count on us. Our tradeshow crates are durable and built from the highest quality materials, which ensure your marketing presentations are to your specifications. When you want to pack your merchandise safely for tradeshows and shipping, turn to us.

Here at Custom Crating and Logistics, we strive to provide our customers with tradeshow crates that last for as long as you need them. All of our crates are designed with extra attention to ensure the security of your displays. No matter what kind of equipment you need to transport, our shipping solutions are ideal for you. Whether you’re packing heavy, large, fragile, or small products, we have the specialized packing materials you require.

Customizable Tradeshow Crates

Ship your products with confidence by utilizing our tradeshow crates. We design, build, and deliver your crates on time so that you can ship your products as soon as possible. All crates are assembled with the highest quality lumber, built to “brick outhouse” standards. You can customize your crates to meet the needs of the items you’re shipping, including blocking, bracing, cribbing, and padding kits.

The lumber used in the production of our shipping solutions comes from only the finest sources. We use heat treated wood, and all production crates bear the ISPM 15 certification stamp required for international shipping. Additionally, we can also provide you with a certificate of compliance.

Packing Material by Our Shipping Company, Bensenville, IL

For your convenience, we offer the options of picking up or transferring your items to our facility, where they will be packed into the crates. From there, they’ll be shipped directly from our dock to your customers. As your agent, we can arrange shipping services by ocean or air anywhere in the world, and follow through to final delivery.

Dedicated to Accommodating Your Needs

We offer a broad array of customization options on all of our reusable and tradeshow crates. No two products are alike, so we allow you to personalize the crate to fit your specific needs. With our specialized packaging, you can ensure your merchandise arrives at its destination safely, no matter the size, weight, or type of product. Here at Custom Crating and Logistics, we take great pride in our ability to accommodate your items.

Contact us for more information on our tradeshow and shipping services. We proudly serve customers in Elk Grove Village, Illinois, and the surrounding areas.

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