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Custom Crating and Logistics:®

We do Packing, Crating & Shipping of all kinds          (877) 351-7175         (630) 787-2620


Crates  and Containers of all kinds:

• Crates
• Corrugated Containers and Boxes
• Custom Engineered Crates
• Skids and Pallets
• Mil-Spec Crates
• ISPM 15 Certified Crates (Heat Treated for Export)
• Museum and Trade Show Crates
• Knock-Down and Reusable Crates

Shipping Containers for Air Freight, Bensenville, IL

Custom Packing and Packaging:

• Custom Corrugated Packaging 
• Interior Packing and Padding
• Specialized Custom Cushioning
• Engineered Product Specific Packaging
• Engineered Packaging

Pick-Up & Delivery:

We operate trucks and vans to pick up and bring your valuable items to our shop for packing and crating throughout the upper Midwestern USA. If you are outside of our service area, we can arrange to have your products picked up by one of our reputable logistic partners.



Reliable Shipping with Air Freight in Bensenville, IL

We provide custom packing and crating services for air freight in Bensenville, IL, for many types of customers in all sizes from very small delicate assemblies to rigging and crating large machines on site. We have crated all kinds of industrial and high tech items ranging from just a few pounds to ship by UPS to as much as Twenty Thousand pounds to ship as Deck Breakbulk or Flat Rack Ocean Cargo. Most of our work involves LTL or LCL size packages that we ship by Truck, Ocean, and Air. We operate our own trucks and collect pad, protect, strap and transfer many of our customer’s to our crating facility. We give full measure to every customer.

We use good quality construction lumber and panels for on-site packaging and do not use trash lumber trying to save a few cents. Our standard industrial packing product consists of a substantial forkliftable platform adequate to the weight of the machine or equipment we are crating and usually plywood or OSB panels with external 1 x 4 or 2 x 4 frames. We specify fasteners, anti-humidity barriers and drying agents, internal blocking, bracing, packing and padding appropriate to the size, weight, and fragility of every item. Every customer gets the full measure of our material, packing and crating skills and project management expertise.

We partner with major Ocean, Air, Truck and Rail Carriers to deliver our customer’s crated items to their destinations quickly. We take care of all forwarding and export functions and arrange the transportation required at reasonable rates to as much as possible. We arrange full measure logistics for every customer.

Loading Trucks and Ocean Containers:

• Loading trucks and ocean containers in our facility, or on customer's or auction site's locations for domestic motorfreight and international ocean freight.
• Forklifts and skilled packers
• Blocking and Bracing
• Light Rigging and Loading Machines into Trucks and Containers
• Millwright Services and Rigging to Prep and Load Machines and Factory Lines for Shipping

Freight Forwarding and Shipping:

• Shipping
• Freight Forwarding and Warehousing
• Domestic Shipping
• International Shipping
• Air Freight
• Ocean Cargo
• Ground Transportation

Shipping and Export Documents:

• BOL - Bills of Lading for Ground, Air and Ocean Freight
• SED - Shippers Export Declaration
• SLI - Shippers Letter of Instructions
• POA - Power of Attorney
• Commercial Invoice
• Pro Forma
• Packing List
• Schedule B
• Harmonized Code
• ISPM 15 Wood Packaging-ALSC Accredited Agency Mark

Some of what we Pack, Crate and Ship:

Computers, telecom electronics shipping including, IT equipment, server racks office equipment and Tech Equipment of All Kinds

Commercial and industrial machinery shipping including, items that are heavy, awkward and time sensitive.  Includes rigging and machine moving if necessary. 

Corporate relocation services, plant relocations, office downsizing, inner-office equipment moves lease returns

Primary, secondary, transport, returnable packaging options asset recovery for Financial Institutions

Military Government Packaging, Crating and Shipping
Industry standard style crates, military specification style crates ASTM style crates

Medical equipment shipping including lab equipment, test machines measuring devices.

Auction Pickup, Packaging, Crating and Shipping

Aviation and Aircraft Spares including airframe, rotables, engines, propellers, nacelles, cowls,
landing gear, avionics, control surfaces, etc.

Industrial auction shipping including, machinery, electronics equipment

Art Antique Packaging, Crating Shipping

Fine art shipping including, paintings, sculpture, museum quality, one-of-a-kind originals,   framed photography, lithography, glass, metal, stone, wax ceramics.Antique collectibles shipping including, furniture, mirrors, chandeliers, statues grandfather clocks

Motorcycle Shipping

Strapping, palletizing and crating options for your motorcycle transportation needs


We are a custom crating, packing and shipping company.

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