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Expand your Overseas Marketplace Horizons With our Ocean Freight in Bensenville, IL

We act as your International shipping agent, securing quality transportation services at good rates and booking the transportation on your behalf. We will always provide competitive shipping quotes to our customers and make all delivery arrangements. Partnering with ocean freight in Bensenville, IL, as well as air freight, and trucking companies. We get your goods from our facility near Chicago O'Hare Airport (ORD) to your customers worldwide.


ISPM 15 Compliant Wooden Shipping Products to meet International Standards

We only use heat treated wood in the construction of our ISPM-15 certified crates. 134 Countries have signed the International Plant Protection Convention that creates an international system to control insect pests in wooden packing materials. This is accomplished by heat treatment of all wood to a minimum of 56 deg Celsius at the core of each wood piece for a minimum of 30 minutes. All of our products comply with this standard and bear our official IPPC stamp of certification.

ALL Crates, Skids, Pallets and Wooden Packing Materials all comply to ISPM 15, the International protocol that mandates heat treatment of all wooden crates and other wood packing materials to prevent the international spread of insect pests and nematodes.

This is a serious environmental issue in many countries around the world, and we take this mandatory certification of our products very seriously.

We also will provide certification of compliance or conformity documentation to any requesting party.

• Shipping

• Freight Forwarding and Warehousing

• Domestic Shipping

• International Shipping

• Air Freight

• Ocean Cargo

•  Ground Transportation

Loading Shipment - International Logistics in Bensenville, IL


Loading Shipment for Ocean Freight, Bensenville, IL


Loading Shipment - International Logistics in Bensenville, IL


Trucking to US, Mexico and Canada

Loading trucks and ocean containers in our facility or on customer's or auction site's locations for domestic motor freight or freight destined to Mexico or Canada. 

Air Freight  and Ocean Containers

Loading trucks and ocean containers in our facility or on customer's or auction site's locations for domestic motor freight and international ocean freight. Packing and Crating Air Freight Shipments. Arranging Bookings and Management of your Export Shipments.

Forklifts and Skilled Packers

•  Blocking and Bracing

•  Light Rigging and Loading Machines into Trucks and Containers

Management of Oversize and Breakbulk Specialty Cargo Projects:

On-Site rigging, custom crating and packing of  Larger Project shipments that won't fit into standard Ocean Containers. This includes Flat Bed Trucking to Coast Seaports for Flat Rack Mounting or Loading aboard Bulk Break Ships for Ocean Export.

Rigging and Mill Wrights for Disassembly and handling larger machines and lines.

Please contact us for a quote for Large Specialty Export Projects

Shipping & Export Documentation:

•  BOL - Bills of Lading for Ground, Air and Ocean Freight

•  SED - Shippers Export Declaration

•  SLI - Shippers Letter of Instructions

•  POA - Power of Attorney

•  Commercial Invoice

•  Pro Forma

•  Packing List

•  Schedule B

•  Harmonized Code


•  ISPM 15 Wood Packaging -
ALSC Accredited Agency Mark


We are a custom crating, packing and shipping company

We can expedite your shipping needs. From domestic carriers
to international logistics, contact us  to get your special valuable items to their destinations.




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