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Crate with computer servers and other equipment ready to close up.

Note the heavy bubble wrapping, dividers and the heavy duty nature.

Production Crates about ready to close up, stack and deliver to an industrial customer.

Agricultural Implements loaded into an ocean container. Note the cribbing supporting the heavy crate of other equipment secured on top and the bracing to keep everything stable in a heavy seaway.

Production Machine is vapor barrier protected and fully enclosed with desiccants ready to be loaded into an ocean container. Sometimes it is not necessary to fully crate a machine for export if one or more containers are shipping to the same consignee.

This is a Trade Show Crate Under Construction that has a Pullout Platform that rolls onto steel channel removable trestles to facilitate unloading and reloading heavy show display materials. In this case, a large Light Box fits over the center crate on the pullout, and display pieces store inside.





















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