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Dependable Freight Forwarding in Elk Grove Village, IL

Once your company has created its products, you don’t want to find yourself looking at a warehouse overflowing with items that customers are waiting for. You need to see that those boxes and crates get safely to their destinations with the minimum of delay. That’s not your area of expertise, so the efficient and practical step is to contract with us at Custom Crating and Logistics for freight forwarding in Elk Grove Village, IL.

We ensure your products are shipped quickly and delivered safely in keeping with your timetable, by calling upon our trusted partners. Our team has a great deal of experience with a range of shipping solutions, and we select the ones that work most efficiently for your cargo at reasonable rates.

No matter if your shipment is moving domestically or needs to arrive at a destination across the globe, we are ready to plot and plan its movements. We work with a variety of transporters that provide safe and prompt service, including air cargo companies, ground transportation businesses, and ocean-going shippers. Our logistics support stretches from custom packing to crating to documentation to precise timetables.

Safe and Secure Warehousing

If you don’t have enough space to store your inventory as it awaits shipment, we can handle that as well. Let us provide the safe and secure space you need to hold your goods before delivery. Our warehousing solutions are effective for loads, both large and small, and are part of the shipping freight services we offer to our clients. From the moment your products leave your factory, they will be in good hands with our team.