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Custom Crating and Logistics:®

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Show Crates and Road Cases:

 Robust and Long Lasting Show Crates

 Glued, Screwed and Lag
Bolted Construction

 Customized Interiors for Your Display Contents

 Extra reinforcements and Gussets

 Many Options - See List Below:

 Built for Long Life

Custom Crate for Shipping Solutions, Bensenville, IL

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Shipping Solutions in Bensenville, IL

There is a lot of customization that we must do to build the ideal crate for your shipping solutions in Bensenville, IL, to support your Trade Show Marketing Program. For us to build the best and last Show Crates you will ever order, we need to talk.....

We will build robust and long lasting show crates using good quality lumber, glued, screwed and lag bolted construction. Interiors will be customized using special blocking and foam padding appropriate to each display. Loading and unloading issues will be carefully examined together with any other needs - for example, the need for extra space for antique shipping, or to store show graphics, draperies, trade literature, and perhaps a show toolkit.

We encourage our show crate customers to rethink and better define their shipping solutions needs for their Trade Show Displays and the items that will accompany each display to each show before we build so we can deliver the most useful Show Crate for their needs.

Our Show Crates are built and intended to last a long time, and will use glue and screwed construction on panels and heavy platforms designed for heavy long term use. We take extra care with these crates and will do things like fit angle irons to protect corners, install extra gussets and reinforcements, Access panels will usually be on one side or top, and will be secured by carriage bolts, hasps for padlocks or specially made steel locking bars that will fit through access panels and the main crate and be lockable to guarantee full security of your show displays.

Production Crating :

• Crates fo manufactured  equipment of all kinds

One - Off  Machines

Short or Medium Production Runs of Specialty High Value Equipment

If your product is heavy, large and/or very fragile and requires specialized Packing and Crating

Packing Material by Our Shipping Company, Bensenville, IL

We can help.......

We can supply your crating  for limited to medium production runs:

Design, build and deliver your crates to you on schedule so you can pack and ship your product. We build robust crates, usually using 4 x 4 runners, Plywood Panels using 1 x 4 or 2 x 4 frames that interlock to form a strong monocoque box when assembled using appropriate fasteners and adhesives. Our philosophy is to build to "Brick Outhouse" standard using quality lumber. We do not use poorer grades of lumber to save a few cents but rather good construction grade lumber.

• We want you to feel comfortable about the quality of what we are going to supply you and more important, that your customer also feels comfortable about the product he is purchasing from you, including the care you took in packing and crating

• We will also provide specific customization for your product including blocking, bracing, cribbing and padding kits for each crate so you can pack your product to arrive at your customer's facility with no damage and ready to be placed into service. Crates can be delivered assembled or K/D.

• Our production crates will be built of heat treated wood and will bear the ISPM 15 certification stamp so they may be shipped internationally in compliance with the International standard. If necessary we will supply a certificate of compliance to this end.

• As an alternative, we can have your products trucked in or pick up your products using our house trucks for transfer to our facility. In this event, we would accomplish the three functions above and ship directly from our dock to your customer. We can even arrange shipping by ocean or air anywhere in the world and follow through to final delivery as your agent.

Trade Show & Reusable Crate Options:

• Access Doors - provide access to interior areas of a wooden crate that might otherwise be difficult to reach.

• A-Frame Supports - Allow narrow crates (i.e. Fine Art, thin screen TVs, Interactive White Boards, etc.) to stand upright during warehousing and shipping. 

• Castors - Placed on the bottom of reusable crates allowing them to roll. Used when crates must be maneuvered into and out of offices, stores, laboratories or any other interior space where standard doors are the sole entry.

• Cleats and Bracing Bars - Removable. Used to secure items during shipping but easily removable, allowing for easy packing and unpacking

• Doors and Access Panels - Allow entry to the interior of the crate. They can be hinged with strap hinges, piano hinges, or secured by pins, carriage bolts or other means of securement.

• D-Rings and E- Track - Offer options for securing items inside the crate using hooks, ratchet straps, rope and cables

• Foam Packing of Several Kinds - expanding foam and/or foam pellets and other packing materials are used to surrond the items to block and secure them  

• Foam Linings - Used to protect the contents of your crate. Foam is available  in different thickness and densities. Foam Strips accomplish the same purpose.

• Gussets - Rectangular or triangular shaped pieces of plywood used to strengthen joints.They can serve as bumpers to help protect any part of the crate or hardware from snagging on something else when being maneuvered into.

• Handles - Used to facilitate the lifting of small wooden crates or removable panels. Sometimes used to facilitate opening panels and doors.

• Link Locks, Link Locks with Hasps (for padlocking) and Locking Link Locks (keyed) are rotary action latch devices to secure doors or attach loose panels.

• Piano Hinges - Typically used on Crate Doors and typically run the whole length of the door.

• Straps - Used to restrict the movement of items inside crates.

• Ramps - Can be attached to the crate by hinges or laid in place and secured by drop pins. This enables heavy wheeled items to be rolled up into or down out of a crate. We also use specially modified steel channels to do the same job and usually stow them under the wheeled item using pockets and drop pins.

• Shelves and Bins - Of all sizes and configurations can be provided to customize a crate for your specific purpose, which will allow you to have a place for everything and everything in its place. These can also be lined with carpet, foam and securements appropriate to your items

• Threaded Inserts - Allow strong machine fastenings to be used to secure crate structure and access panels.

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